Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump, Pence Vow to Fight On Despite Tape

Trump, Pence Vow to Fight On

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Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence have vowed to fight on despite an audio tape that surfaced Friday which played lewd comments that Donald Trump made about women in 2005.  Many Republicans, such as Utah Senator Mike Lee have called for Trump to quit the race.

Donald Trump has many flaws, and granted, as wrong as he was for making the comments he made when he thought he was by himself, he's still the better choice over Hillary.  She is so corrupt that we need to do everything possible by voting against her in November.  These Republicans, such as Mike Lee that are calling for Trump to quit the race would rather for Hillary to win, in my opinion.  Hillary is a globalist and the GOP in Congress share the same ideals. 

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