Monday, September 5, 2016

Buck Rambo's Passing at 84

Gospel Legend Buck Rambo Dies at 84

Image result for buck ramboRichard Fay "Buck" Rambo

I know this is old news but gospel legend Richard Fay "Buck" died at the age of 84 on February 21, 2016.  The reason why I'm posting this is because on this particular blog I've posted several posts on the late gospel singer Dottie Rambo concerning her music.  Since Buck Rambo was once married to Dottie, I feel it's appropriate to mention this particular article.  I didn't know about Buck's death until today.  That just shows I haven't paid careful attention to the news like I should.  If I saw this back in February, I would've posted it then. 

Buck Rambo was a legend in gospel music.  He was married to the late Dottie Rambo from 1950 at the age of 19 until 1994.  They both divorced in 1994 due to marital issues that stemmed back from a number of years.  Following his divorce from Dottie, he married Mae Rambo around 1995.  Rambo came from Dawson Springs, Kentucky.  He made a profession of faith at a revival meeting Dottie sang at in his church.  From there they started dating and married in 1950.  Starting around 1954, he and Dottie started a gospel group called "The Gospel Echoes" and sang with members Judy Russell, Judy Bivins, and Litle Joe Hatfield to name a few.  In 1964 when Shirley Bivins married an evangelist, she decided to leave the group.  That left a vacancy in the group.  They had hired Pat "Jones" Green, but she didn't have the voice to sing the higher parts so Buck and Dottie's daughter Reba joined the group and changed the name to "Singing Rambos" and later "The Rambos".  The Rambos sang from 1964 until 1979.  Sometime in the 1970's the Rambo's daughter Reba left the group to pursue her own singing career and Buck hired Patty Carpenter to sing with the group until approximately 1980.

Buck and Dottie sang at several concert venues in the 60's and 70's.  Then later they focused more of their singing efforts in churches.  The Rambos started singing on television approximately 1968 on CBN, TBN, the PTL Club, etc.  They ministered and sang in numerous places.  Buck was honored numerous times with many Grammy and Dove nomination awards.  Buck was also featured on the first Gaither Homeoming video as well.

After he married Mae Rambo, Buck Rambo spent much of his time visiting hospitals and nursing homes.  He also spent time painting stills as well.  They were a member of a church in Franklin, Tennessee.  He is survived by his widow Mae, his daughter and son-in-law Reb Rambo McGuire and Dony McGuire.  He is also survived by granddaughters Destiny McGuire,  Dionne (Scott) Dismuke,  great-grandson Dyson Dismuke, sister Hilda Bullock, brothers Jackie (Shirley) and Donald (Betty)Rambo, sister-in-law Anna Jo Rambo, and brother-in-law James Ausenbaugh. 

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