Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump Vows to Deport 'Criminal Illegal Immigrants Once Swore In

Trump Vows to Deport Criminal Illegal Immigrants Once Sworn In

Image result for trump vows to deport criminal illegal aliens Presidential candidate Donald Trump in Iowa

During a speech in Iowa, GOP candidate Donald Trump made the promise to deport criminal illegal aliens within an hour once sworn into office.  The real estate mongul has received criticism last week when he stated on Hannity's Town Hall meeting in Austin, Texas that he would work to soften immigration laws last Tuesday. 

Trump's not helping his campaign by flip-flopping on the issues, esp. the issue with illegal immigration and the problems it has caused this country.  I'm not sure we can hold him to his promise on Saturday about deporting illegal aliens once he's sworn into office.  I believe it's highly unlikely he'll stick to that promise once he's sworn in as president.  The globalist establishment is all for open unrestricted borders.  Click on Fox News to read the story.

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