Monday, April 25, 2016

Virginia Governor Enables 200,000 Felons to Vote in November

Virginia Govenor Enables 200,000 Felons to Vote in November

More than 200,000 convicted felons will be allowed to cast votes this coming November's election in the swing state of Virginia in a sweeping executive order by Governor Terry McAuliffe.  The Democrat stated that restoring the rights of felons to votes will undo the state's long history of preventing African Americans from fully participating in our democracy.  Republicans referred to the move as political to enable his friend, Hillary Clinton to win the state in November.  McAuliffe was the National Democratic Party Chairman 12 years ago. 

McAuliffe's statement in justifying his order to allow to undo the state's history from preventing African Americans to vote is asinine.  We're dealing with convicted felons.  He's playing the race card.  This is not about race.  He's trying to do everything possible to make sure the deck's stacked in Hillary Clinton's favor.  Click on the above link to read the full story.

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