Friday, December 18, 2015

"Tis the Season

The Bells of Christmas--Julie Andrews

The Bells of Christmas--Julie Andrews

The Christmas season is here once again.  I enjoy the Christmas season and the opportunity we have to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.  The reason why the Christmas season is so joyous is because of the fact Jesus came into this world to die for the sins od the world.  If the only thing we have to celebrate is the birth of Jesus, then there wouldn't be any hope for mankind.  Jesus did more than just be born into this world.  He was born into this world so one day he could die on Calvary's cross on Golgotha's Hill.  That's what makes Christmas worth celebrating.  When we celebrate Christmas we're looking forward to the time when Jesus one day would die for the sins of mankind.  He was the prophesied Messiah in Isaiah 9:6 in which one day he would come to this world.  Thank God for the birth of Jesus into this world.  Nobody knows the date when Jesus was born, but we know he was born and thank God for it.

We have a week until Christmas and we'll be writing Christmas posts concerning the Christmas season.  We'll write a doctrinal post on the birth of Christmas and we'll be featuring Christmas music, posts about Christmas traditions, etc., just like the past few years.

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