Friday, June 26, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

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The sad truth of the matter is that I knew this was coming.  Ever since U.S. vs. Windsor, where Justice Anthony Kennedy struck down provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act saying that same sex couples couldn't be denied benefits, the Federal Appeals Courts have used Kennedy's opinion to invalidate state bans on same sex marriage in states across the U.S. I personally believe that's what led to today's ruling.  What a travesty!  I believe there will be major ramifications that will result from this ruling.  I believe in time to come that preachers in the United States will be forbidden to preach against sodomy or they will face some stiff penalties.  No! Not in America!  Yes!  Even though it's not constitutional for the state to interference in church matters, that doesn't deter them.  For decades our elected elite in all three branches of our government have shredded the government what makes you think they'll do different in this case.  They won't.  Just wait and see!

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