Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Indiana Uproar is About the Replacement of Christian Values With Secular Values

Indiana Uproar is About the Replacement of Christian Values With Secular Values

Syndicated Columnist Pat Buchanan

There used to be a time when America upheld Christian values.  Sodomites didn't parade around town demanding their "rights".  There was no such concept as gay marriage.  Hotel owners didn't rent rooms out to unmarried couples.  The gay and liberal community are so hysterical over the law that the state of Indiana passed under Governor Mike Pence which allows businesses the right to stand up for their Christian values.  What does that mean?  It means that if a floral business or a cake business is opposed to gay marriage, then they have the right to conduct business with homosexuals regarding "gay" weddings.  This law grants business owners the right to act on their own conscience when it comes to issues revolving around moral values.  Take a look how the liberals are handling this.  They're calling the Hoosier state homophobes and bigots.  They say it's wrong for businesses to discriminate against gay Americans.  I have news for them, Discrimination is as old as the Bible.  Any serious student of the Bible will read where God is discriminatory when it comes to saved and lost people.  God says there's only one way to be saved:  That's through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ plus nothing minus nothing.  There's no margin of error.   I know of another example.  This weekend the Final Four will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I guarantee the four teams that made it to the Final Four have coaches who are very discriminatory concerning the type of players that they allow to play on their ream.  All four coaches won't allow any player to come on the floor to play basketball if they don't make the cut.  If they can't rebound, shoot the ball, and pass the ball, etc., then their playing time will be very limited or else they won't play at all.  Life is about discrimination.  There's a reason why God is opposed to sodomy.  The Bible says that sodomy is unnatural.  God's plan is for one man and one woman to unite in marriage.  That's simple.  God does discriminate.  That's plain and simple.  To read the full story, click on the above link.

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