Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Tea Party Movement Should be Grassroots--not National

Rep. James Lankford--National Tea Party is Oxymoron

Oklahoma Rep. James Lankford

Rep. James Lankford, (R-OH) is right in his comment that the National Tea Party is oxymoron.  Our former politicians who claim to be a party of the National Tea Party movement don't represent the same ideals that the American people do on a grass roots level.  To some who might be ignorant, America is a republic, not a democracy.  In our republic, the electorate, or the American people who are registered to vote in their particular precinct, have a responsibility to send representatives to Congress who represent the voter's values.  The American people's values should be represented in Congress.  Instead, Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court have their own agenda which they're shoving down the American people's throats.  It doesn't represent the ideals that our Founding Fathers stood for.  Our elected elite have their own agenda and it's in opposition to the ideals that our local Tea Party groups support.  We as the American people have the responsibility to elect officeholders who represent our ideals.  That's the way it should work.  However, given the digression of this nation over the last several decades, this model won't work like it should because there aren't many voters who will voter on principle and on God, country, and the Constitution.  Instead, it's all about what Washington can do for us.  Whatever happened to John F. Kennedy's famous statement in his inaugural address, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?

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