Tuesday, February 18, 2014

John Kerry States Climate Change Most Fearsome "Weapon of Mass Destruction"

John Kerry on Climate Change

APTOPIX Kerry US IndonesiaSecretary of State John Kerry in Jakarta, Indonesia

Secretary of State John Kerry made the statement that climate change is a phenomenon which is the most fearsome "weapon of mass destruction."  Oh, really?  What about all the hysteria that former Vice-President created when he was traveling around the country stating our world is experiencing "global warming."  We heard so much talk about global warming for years and now all of a sudden------it's climate change!  How interesting?  Could it be that all these expert scientists were wrong in their claims about global warming so they had to change the terminology to allow for global cooling as well?  Back in 2009 when this blog first began I wrote a post entitled, "Maintaining an Environmental Balance" and I stated that I am a middle-of-the roader when it comes to the issue of the environment.  I for one second don't buy into all the global warmings or climate change warnings that our elected elite pump out to the media.  I don't trust our politicians.  All of this talk is nothing but political.  It's about control.  It's to legitimatize their claims that the government needs to be in control.  It give them the excuse to re-create America into a communist nation, which is the direction it's headed.  It's not about saving the planet.  I for one don't believe that we should pollute the planet, nor waste it's resources.  But, on the other hand, I don't appreciate false propaganda being fed to the American people about climate change.  Yes, we do experience climate change.  We have four seasons each year:  Spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Spring is warm, summer is hot, fall is cool, and winter is cold.  Climate change is a part of our atmosphere.  That's nothing unusual.  Yes there are seasons where it's unusually warmer than others and there are seasons where it's unusually cooler than others.  But we don't have to destroy capitalism to stop the pollution of our planet.  There are reasonable methods which can be utilized to protect our planet.  Our elected elite who promote all this "climate change" hysteria have an agenda which is to exert more government control over the lives of American citizens.  That's what it's about. 

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