Friday, January 10, 2014

Articles: Venture Capitalism, not Crony Capitalism

Articles: Venture Capitalism not Crony Capitalism


During the 2012 presidential campaign, millions of Americans learned 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney was not only a very successful businessman, but he was also a venture capitalism.  He would use money to help businesses out such as Staples and Foot Locker, for example.  What is the definition of venture capitalism?  The online definition says, "Money made available for investment in innovative enterprises or research, esp. in higher technology, which both the risk of loss and the potential for profit may be considerable.  Also called risk capital. 

Venture Capitalism

Crony Capitalism

I have three links posted here giving you the definitions of venture and crony capitalism.  Click on the three links to gain a greater understanding of venture and crony capitalism. 

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